• Description

    From the experience of PH1, all the solutions have been finally put in place in order to simplify assembly and adjustment of the bindings, trying to maintain the modularity which is the basic concept of the project.


    H1 is a professional binding addressed to extreme racers and carvers.


    The modular disk  in Anticorodal 6082 T6 with amortization in PVC allows to the board to have a natural flex and so to transmit a quick and direct directional change on the blades (2 sizes 125 mm and 150 mm to choose)


    The lifted up system represents a big advantage principally onto very narrow boards avoiding touching the snow with boots.


    The particular inclined disk in nylon, specially studied, allows to obtain countless combinations of canting/lifting possibilities, without changing the support-plane of the boot onto the binding.


    Moreover it offers absorption to the board vibrations in sharp turns and a perfect control even on iced tracks

  • Characteristic

    Type: Hard Material Ergal 7075 T6 and

              Anticorodal6060–6082 T6

    Size: M-L  (min 24,5-29,5 max mondo)

              L-XL (min 27,0- 30,5 max mondo)

    Use:  Professional Race


    - basic disk 4x4/3D in 2 sizes (125 mm and 150 mm to

       choose) propose standard 150 mm

    - canting/lifting with inclined disk 7° in nylon Ø 10

      mm. with innumerable adjustment possibilitie

      (inclined disk optional 85 shore damping function)

    - adjustment with toothed millimetric system for the


    - regular or Goofy adjustment at 360° that can be

      increased by 1.5° with new quick-fixing manual

    - front lock in nylon with low profile  (aluminium


    - modular supports with antisnow grip with

      interchangeable bales Ø 6 mm

    - special springs return back bailes

    - gasket in transparent PVC that amortizes 2 mm.

      hardness 85 shore

    - Step-in option in model H2

    - we supply all high resistance screws

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