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Range Size:

S - M    min 21.0 - max 27.0  mondo

M - L    min 24.5 - max 29,5  mondo

L - XL min 27.0 - max 30.5   mondo


There are three types of snowboards available today: freestyle, freeride and race boards.

All use similar types of construction.

It is suggested that a reputable board shop be consulted when purchasing a new snowboard.


Freestyle Snowboard

Freestyle boards are the most popular and most widely used. They are wider, more stable and more forgiving to ride. Freestyle boards are usually symmetrical in shape both from tip to tail and from side to side. They have a softer flex, which makes them easier to turn.

These boards are constructed to be ridden both forward and backward (fakie).

This type of board is suggested for the beginning rider.


Freeride Snowboard

Freeride boards look similar to freestyle boards, but usually are not symmetrical from tip to tail, and they place the rider slightly behind the center of the board when riding. Sometimes referred to as “directional,” these boards tend to have a stiffer, less forgiving flex and are meant to be ridden primarily in one direction (although they can be ridden fakie).


Race Snowboard

Race boards tend to be narrower in shape and are usually slightly longer. They generally have a stiffer flex, and while these boards offer a higher level of performance, they are more difficult for the beginning rider to use, and are reserved for more advanced riders.

These boards are made in both symmetrical and asymmetrical styles. They tend to have a shovel only on the nose and are made to ride only in one direction.



Snowboarding is a sport demanding to be put before the person and equipment to the stresses which can be as varied and unpredictable.

Therefore the use of this product could result in competitive activity during the generation of stress and injury to joints and all body parts.

The bindings will not release and are considered integral: boot-binding-board.

Tripping and blocking can not be guaranteed in all circumstances and situation in the conduct of competitive-sport.

This binding can not guarantee the security of the skier snowboarding because it is impossible to predict the risk in all its variables in behavior or not release the bindings.

The end user binding assumes full responsibility for using our equipment during his competitive sporting activities.

These bindings are exclusively designed for use in snowboarding competitions under full responsibility of the athlete user.


The factory reserves the right to make different products at any time and without notice any changes it thinks necessary to improve them or any need for manufacturing or commercial nature.


All photographs and illustrations are not contractual.



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