SKI TOURING is the activity par excellence that shows the Skis to its primary function: a means of transport for traveling on snow and to access real lonely corners of the mountain, both in winter and spring.


A way of being in contact with nature challenging but very satisfaction!


The free spirit of the mountain 

A good workout for the summer projects, but especially great pleasure to go skiing in the mountains.

With skis you can reach some of the most beautiful peaks in the world.


General remarks


The Touring Ski is a demanding sport which subjects the person and equipment to the stresses which can be as varied and unpredictable.

Therefore the use of this product could result in competitive activity during the generation of strains and injuries to joints and all body parts.

The bindings will not release and are considered integral: ski-boot-binding.

Tripping and blocking can not be guaranteed in all circumstances and situation in the conduct of competitive-sport.

This binding can not guarantee the safety of the skier in the practice of skwal because it is impossible to predict the risk in all its variables in behavior or not release the binding.


The end user binding assumes full responsibility for using our equipment during his competitive sporting activities.

These bindings are exclusively designed for use in competitions Touring Ski under full responsibility of the athlete user.

The binding (Heel and Toe) do not comply with DIN and release values.


The factory reserves the right to make different products at any time and without notice any changes it thinks necessary to improve them or any need for manufacturing or commercial nature.


All photographs and illustrations are not contractual

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